De La Rosa 09-19-15

On the Nineteenth of September, Two Thousand Fifteen, at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California, Rosanna and Martin joined forces by marrying the love of their lives. I was so blessed to be apart of their special day and it was such a pleasure getting to know both of them and their family and friends. Not a single person could deny the love that Martin and Rosanna have for one another. Their eyes light up when they look at each other and you can see that the fun and laughter between them is endless. It was a mutual friend and extra ticket to a concert that brought them together. Through Facebook they stayed in touch and then six months later in Napa they were reunited for Martin's birthday celebration. They attended their first Giants game together just a few days after Napa and have been inseparable ever since.

Martin and Rosanna De la Rosa shared their first dinner as a married couple with their loved ones with a delicious Mexican buffet from Chacho's of San Jose.

After dinner DJ Che Alvarado Heredia got the party started and it didn't stop until the night was over.

It was a beautiful day and night Coordinated by Judy at Cinderella Weddings and as Rosanna told me today, "Our wedding was everything we envisioned and much more." Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your first day as husband and wife. #‎djchealvarado #‎photosbyjmp #‎chachos #‎tritonmuseumofart #‎delarosa0919

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