East Coast Extravaganza 2022

Savannah, Georgia

To make our birthdays special, Thomas and I, hit the ground running- driving actually- in a jeep!  beep beep!  I flew from San Jose, CA to Augusta, GA where I landed around 12:15 early Thursday morning, August 4th, just in time to kick off my love's birthday.   We left around 9AM after some sleep and then a quick stop at Starbucks for a small breakfast and coffee.  We were saving our appetite after all... we were headed to some of the best cities in the country known for their food- Lowcountry Southern cooking.  We spared no expense trying the must haves at the places that proclaimed (and others agreed) to be the best!  We had a jam-packed  itinerary (pun intended) with plans to eat as much as we could while soaking up the history of the cities and all of the beautiful lakes, rivers, and ocean that surrounded us- (yes that pun was intentional too :).  We were not off to the best start.  Our first stop was BBQ and well... the "best place" to eat it in Savannah was closed.  And so was the second... but we found a third option, Wiley's BBQ, with BBQ sauce that is better than sex and while we respectfully disagree, the ribs, brisket and the "best beans in the world" hit the spot.

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Old Fort Jackson was next on our list, and it was also closed... we were now one for four.  Witnessing a cannon firing will have to happen on our next visit to Savannah.  They were shooting a movie there and a few other places we intended to visit, but we did not let any of this stop us from enjoying our time.  In fact, it made it all that much better.  We were less rushed and were able to see sights we had not planned to.  We carried on from there to the Bonaventura Cemetery.  They were not lying when they say that it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.  The old Oak trees with hanging moss were simply stunning.  Some dating back 250 years.  

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The cemetery was built on the Bonaventura plantation.  It started out private, with the first burial in 1850 and became public in 1907.  The headstones were exquisite.  

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Our next stop was Forsyth Park.  Savannah's largest and oldest park dating back to 1840 and spanning over 30 acres.  It is named after Georgia's thirty-third governor, John Forsyth.  In 1858, a fountain was installed and today it is one of Savannah's most photographed locations.  Of course we could not miss out on this opportunity to participate and it just so happens neither did a few people we knew- we ran into these three people also visiting Savannah that we both know from the same online forum that we met in!  What are the odds!

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We left the park and our luck continued as the dining room at Collins Quarter in the park was sure to be closed.  From there, we walked down the famous Bull Street visiting the Squares along the way learning the history of the city that was involved in so many wars.  The weather in Savannah was a scorching 90 degrees with 100% humidity so it wasn't a hard decision to pop into Public Kitchen and Bar for a refreshing beverage when we saw it.   I had myself a "Not your daddy's Gn'T" with of course, none other than, peach bitters.  

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We headed back to our hotel for quick shower and change of clothes then met up with friends (also from the online forum we met in- this time planned) for some fun at the piano bar on the river.  Caution:  If you drink too much while having fun here, you may meet your fate.  Just next to the entrance of the piano bar are the historic cobblestone stairs- otherwise known as the Stone Stairs of Death.  We could easily see why and wonder just how many bride and grooms never made it to their wedding days while celebrating at their bachelor(ette) parties.  

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On to the much awaited dinner!  If you only have one place to eat in Savannah, make it here! That is what I read over and over researching the perfect place to take my man for his birthday dinner.  We absolutely, without any doubt, agree with every rave review that has ever been said about it- and in fact wrote our own on Open Table.  If we have a chance to go back to Savannah and only have one meal, we will eat there again.  The Olde Pink House.  It is not just a restaurant, it is a National Landmark.  Originally a ~16,000 square foot home built in 1771.  It is also said to be haunted by the original owner.  

Disclaimer:  I did not carry my camera out for our evening shenanigans on any night of our trip  (only during the day) so my iPhone photos will have to do.    

We ate BLACKENED OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL with watermelon relish, pear & apricot chutney, green tomato chow chow, "SOUTHERN SUSHI" smoked shrimp & grits rolled in coconut crusted nori, the largest fried pork chop I have ever seen, and Sautéed Shrimp and Scallop fettuccine.  Finally a large chocolate covered peanut butter cookie dessert for the birthday boy.  We savored every bite and wish the meal never ended.  

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Our reservations, though booked several weeks out, were not until 10PM.  It worked out well.  We had one of the thirteen dining rooms to ourselves.  They also welcome you to take a tour of the house after your meal and since we were the last guests to finish eating, we once again had the place to ourselves.  Here is where I wish I brought my camera.  I did not take many pictures of the rooms here, but I could not help but take one of its brick wine cellar down in the haunted basement Tavern.  

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    We were quickly to sleep after a long day... and very excited for the next city!  Click here to read about our Charleston Adventures.